"Calgary is the only major Canadian city without an emergency shelter specifically serving youth between the ages of 16 and 24." We intend to change that.


Our first steps towards achieving our vision will be launching outreach programs to each of our Focus Groups in 2017. In the first half of 2017 we intend to:




Launch an art outreach program for youth and young adults experiencing homelessness. The intent of this program is to provide youth between the ages of 16 and 24 with a reprieve from the stress that comes with experiencing homelessness (where to sleep, where and how to eat, how to get and keep a job). The artistic activities provided are also intended to provide therapeutic effects for the stress, trauma and mental health issues attendees may be experiencing. Classes include an experienced teacher and materials in arts such as dance, drawing and painting, and spoken word.





Calgary is the only major Canadian city without an emergency shelter specifically serving youth between the ages of 16 and 24? Minds Over Matter intends to change that by setting up and sustainably running an emergency shelter for this underserved population, along with providing services and programming to assist youth in transitioning out of homelessness.


Launch an educational outreach program to seniors and their caregivers in the form of Lunch-and-Learn seminars. These seminars would take place in accessible community spaces, such as the Kerby Centre and community halls, and would cover topics such as isolation, active living, brain health, and how to access local resources specifically for seniors and their caregivers. Partner organizations such as the Calgary Seniors Resource Society would also be in attendance to provide more info on their services and to connect with the community.

In the second half of 2017, we intend to launch educational outreach programs for organizations, businesses and cultural associations. This will involve engaging organizations, performing needs assessments, and delivering pertinent educational seminars.

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  • $10 – cover food and drink costs for a senior and their caregiver at one of our seminars

  • $15 – cover snacks and water for two art outreach program attendees

  • $20 – cover attendance costs for one youth at one of our art outreach programs

  • $50 – cover the per diem costs of a part-time youth outreach worker who would engage with that population on a biweekly basis, performing needs assessments and connecting youth with pertinent resources

  • $100 – cover multiples of the above

  • $150 – cover the design and print costs of 100 promotional pamphlets. These promotional pamphlets identify Minds Over Matter’s mission, vision, services and partners

  • $250 – cover the daily cost of an office staffed with a full-time employee


Want to see more people connected to the right mental health services at the right time? Want to change the perception of mental health in Alberta? Support Minds Over Matter and we can do this, together!

Image by Jake Anderson