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Bringing affordable and accessible mental health care to Calgarians

Barrier-Free Counselling

Providing qualifying 18-35 year olds with fully covered counselling sessions with a licenced professional (e.g., Registered Psychologist, Registered Social Worker, Liscenced Counsellor). 

Who We Are & What We Do.

Minds Over Matter is an innovative non-profit empowering healthy minds through prevention, education and community. We provide research-based programming with our network of Partners for the following Focus Groups:

Businesses & Organizations

Healthy and safe work environments equate to increased profits for businesses and improved

productivity for all types of organizations. 

Our programming and support for businesses and organizations aim to achieve the

following objectives:


  • To educate leaders on what healthy organizations look like.

  • To educate leaders on fostering healthy relationships within their organizations.

  • To educate leaders on mental health.

  • To teach employers within organizations how to have supportive conversations with theiremployees. See more >>

Children, Youth & Families

Healthy children turn into healthy adults.


Our programming and support for children, youth and families aims to achieve the

following objectives:


  • To provide mental health resources to youth.

  • To educate children and youth on mental health and how to access theproper mental health resources.

  • Providing teachers with tools to create safe classroom environments that promote healthy minds.

  • To educate parents and teachers on where to access mental health resources for their children/youth or themselves.  See more >>

Seniors & Cultural Groups
How You Can Help.


Check out the Get Involved page for Minds Over Matter Mental Health Society current needs and details on volunteer opportunities.

Get In Touch.


Interested in having programming delivered to your organization? Want to be a Partner?

Email us at

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