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Minds Over Matter is an innovative not-for-profit empowering healthy mind through prevention, education and community.

Who We Are & What We Do.

Minds Over Matter is an innovative not-for-profit empowering healthy minds through prevention, education and community. We provide research-based programming and our network of Partners for the following Focus Groups

Businesses & Organizations

Healthy and safe work environments equate to increased profits for businesses and improved productivity for all types of organizations. 


Our programming and support for businesses and organizations aim to achieve the following objectives:


  • To educate leaders on what healthy organizations look like.

  • To educate leaders on fostering healthy relationships within their organizations.

  • To educate leaders on mental illness.

  • To teach people within organizations how to have supportive conversations with their superiors, subordinates and coworkers. 

  • To provide leaders with research-based mental health information to help them understand the quantitative and qualitative benefits to their organizations.

  • To provide leaders with tools and resources to recognize and take effective action when employees require mental health assistance.

  • To ensure that organizations have accessible resources to promote healthy work-place environments.


One in three seniors suffers from anxiety and depression. Additionally, seniors over 65 have the highest suicide rates of any age group. Minds Over Matter aims to ensure seniors have the resources they need so that their golden years can be healthy and happy.


Our programming and support for seniors aims to achieve the following objectives:


  • To educate seniors on how to have the healthiest lifestyle possible.

  • To educate families of seniors on how to provide and advocate for a healthy and safe lifestyle for their senior loved ones.

  • To educate communities on how to implement senior’s programs which promote healthy minds for seniors.

  • To educate seniors, families of seniors and the public on elderly abuse.

Children, Youth & Families

Healthy children turn into healthy adults.

Our programming and support for children, youth and families aims to achieve the

following objectives:


  • To provide mental health resources to youth experiencing homelessness.

  • To educate children and youth the meaning of mental illness and how to access the proper mental health resources.

  • Providing teachers with tools to create safe classroom environments that promote healthyminds.

  • To educate parents and teachers on where to access mental health resources for their children/  youth or themselves.  

Cultural Groups

Negative stigma towards mental illness and mental health is a hot topic in Canada, which can manifest in unique ways within the cultural groups that make up our diverse society. Minds Over Matter aims to change this negative stigma with respect and consideration for the beliefs and traditions that make a cultural group unique.


Our programming and support for cultural groups aims to achieve the following 



  • To assist and empower cultural communities in identifying and articulating their mental health needs and connecting those needs to available mental health resources.

  • To empower cultural leaders to adapt and integrate available resources and information into their communities

  • To work with communities and service providers to coordinate mental health-related services and to work towards filling service gaps

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