About Us

Minds Over Matter Mental Health Society was founded in 2014 with the goal of addressing the preventative and educational gaps in today’s mental health care system.

MoM’s Pillars are Prevention, Education, and Community. With these pillars in mind, we aim to empower individuals and communities by providing tools, resources, and the latest research to inform and enable a high quality of life. We actively develop a network of Partners to be able to provide these services.

Check out the Get Involved page to see our current volunteer and staffing needs.

Interested in being a Partner? A current list of Partners in maintained on Our Partners page; email us at info@mindsovermatter.me for more info.

Current Board of Directors

Rick Lundy – President
Laura Bezemer – Vice President
Lesley Sugden – Secretary
Lesley McNamara – Treasurer
Jennifer Beatty – Director of Communications
Amanda Davis
Camille Jackson
Kelly Louis-Mendes
Miria Mattucci
Shaira Nanji
David Shaw
Gabriela Valenzuela
Amanda Hancock



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